The Sustainable Coffee Company Newsletter

Cirrus Fine Coffee

On the 24th of September Red Star relaunched its name under the our new name, Cirrus Fine Coffee. This new brand is part of a ‘refresh ‘for our business that will also see us focus more on our heritage of sustainability and innovation while we continue to roast great quality coffee. The coffee blends are the same and have been renamed to reflect these values.

Why Cirrus? Cirrus is a high cloud formation that represents a connection with high altitude coffee, purity and the environment. Our new blend names are wind patterns that form beneath these cloud formations and provide a personality to each blend style and tasting notes.

Our blend names have changed to:

Lot 872 – Tradewind

Darn n’Stormy – Tempest

Signature – Sirocco

Fair-Trade Organic – Now a blend from Peru and Mexico

Single origin will continue to change each month

Cirrus Fine Coffee

This month was the beginning of our new sustainable initiative to target the ongoing issues of single use packaging. With an ongoing trend for excessive packaging and a growing demand for straight to your door deliveries it is time to change the mould.

All boxes, which are now made from 100% recyclable cardboard will have a sticker that displays the amount of times the box has been re-purposed. Simply open the box with care, give it a tick, pack it down and wait for collection. prizes will be given out for the next couple months to the cafes who return on average the amount of boxes.

For all customers and distributors we don’t directly deliver too, we encourage you to get as much usage out of your boxes and everyone remember to recycle.

October Single Origin: Kenya Kirinyaga

Tasting Notes

  • Tart Cider
  • Melon
  • Caramelised Sugar


  • Washed

Refined sweetness, bright citrus, caramelized sugar, green grape, and melon -like acidity with Body, brightness, and an elegant finish. What more could you ask for? Situated in the North East corner of the Kirinyaga County, on one of the many undulating foot hills of Mt Kenya is the Karimikui Coffee Factory. This factory intakes a delivery of cherries from the Rungeto Farmers’ Cooperative, where much of the beans are delivered by bicycle or Ox driven carts.