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Compostable Coffee Capsules!

Make a Difference with Compostable Coffee Pods

Specialty coffee, locally roasted and fully compostable – what’s not to love?

So-called ‘recyclable’ aluminium and plastic coffee capsules are a huge problem in the global coffee industry. As the global market for coffee capsules grows, so does the waste associated with it. The global footprint of annual coffee capsule waste is estimated at more than 576,000 metric tons.

While the claim of ‘recyclable’ can technically be made, in reality Australia lacks the infrastructure to convert these pods to new and valuable products, and typically end up as landfill.

From our Customers

“Exceptional taste, convenient and being eco-friendly just seals the deal. I didn’t realise pod coffee could taste so good!”

“So much nicer than the Italian stuff, and good for the planet.”

“Can't get enough of these compostable coffee pods! They brew a delicious cup every time, and make my mornings a breeze.”

“Impressed doesn't even begin to cover it! These pods deliver on taste, ease of use, and sustainability. A win-win-win situation. Five stars, no question!”

“These compostable capsules have won me over! The flavour is exceptional, the process is simple, and knowing I'm reducing waste makes each cup even more enjoyable.”

“I was sold from the first sip. Plus, the convenience and sustainability make them a staple in my morning routine. A no-brainer!”

“Love these compostable capsules! Great taste, easy to use, and composts in my garden, instead of landfill.”

“Top-notch flavor, convenience, and eco-friendly.”

“Game-changer! Delicious taste, simple use, and eco-friendly.”

compostable AS 4736 ABAP 10070The Sustainable Coffee Company has a range of certified, fully compostable coffee capsules designed for compatibility with all major coffee pod machines.

Certifications include: OK Compost AS4736 and HACCP Australia Food Safety.

Specialty coffee, locally roasted and fully compostable – what’s not to love?

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