Coffee For Nature


Caramel, Hazelnuts & Peach.

Origins: Brazil, Alta Mogiana
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1250 MASL
Variety: Catucai Varietals

We’ve launched Coffee for Nature to create habitat for critically endangered Victorian wildlife. Every kilo of this coffee sold will create habitat for Victoria’s state faunal emblems, the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater and Lowland Leadbeater Possum.

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A great example of the classic Brazil flavor profile of caramel and nuttiness, but with an extra level of sophistication. You can expects bitter sweet notes of praline with peach showing up on the finish as it cools.

Brazil Alta Mogiana coffee is produced at the Bom Jesus farm in the Alta Mogiana region north of Sao Paulo. Husband and wife duo, Gabriel and Flavia’s strong focus on social and environmental sustainability runs deep. When they bought the farm, they restored 130 hectares of forest and with that the native fauna, such as, giant anteaters, agoutis, pacas, ocelots and jaguars, have returned to the region. They’ve also created programs to promote staff wellbeing that eventuated into community outreach events that still run to this day.

In 2023, Alta Mogiana was ranked the 3rd most sustainable farm in Brazil. Gabriel and Flavia continue to adopt the best sustainable practices, both in agricultural and social spheres.

Please use the drop down menu below to select whether you would like your coffee as whole beans or ground. The Brew Method is only relevant if you require your coffee ground, so that we can grind it to our lab-tested specifications for the tastiest brew! If you’re getting whole bean, feel free to leave it on “Espresso”. Please make sure all your selections are correct before checking out, once the beans go through the grinder we’re unfortunately unable to return them!