Seasonal – Blend


Toffee, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry.


  • PNG
  • Tolima Colombia
  • Ethiopia Limu

At The Sustainable Coffee Company, we love to experiment with blends and try new things. Our Seasonal Blend is a rotating blend that allows you to do the same. We will always keep you informed on the current blend available with notes and origins staying up to date!

Each Seasonal Blend we introduce will be available for a limited time and while stocks last.

This Seasonal Blend is our Autumn blend whereby we’ve carefully selected new season green beans that are available during this crop season. It’s for those who love drinking the latest coffee on offer in Australia , and also enjoy experiencing new coffee tastes throughout the year. Each of these coffees have been roasted to perfection in order to extract the optimal flavour profile that the particular coffee was grown to achieve.

The Autumn seasonal blend is ideal as a milk based or “ macchiato “ style coffee.  Each component of this blend has been carefully roasted to enhance the silky toffee and rich chocolate notes while also subtlety introducing a berry-like acidity of this three origin blend. An amazing A.M coffee or a perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

We hope you enjoy our selection of coffees from our autumn crop season.
From the Master Roaster : David S.

Please use the drop down menu below to select whether you would like your coffee as whole beans or ground. The Brew Method is only relevant if you require your coffee ground, so that we can grind it to our lab-tested specifications for the tastiest brew! If you’re getting whole bean, feel free to leave it on “Espresso”. Please make sure all your selections are correct before checking out, once the beans go through the grinder we’re unfortunately unable to return them!

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