Thanks to all our wonderful Cirrus community who could attened our special event!


Here are a couple of snap shots of the day, a video of the event and a video we shot on the day!

A Sustainable Breakfast was created to show the possibilities a closed loop system approach to coffee waste and urban farming can have on the community.

Coffee grounds, chaff and food scraps are composted at the Cirrus Fine Coffee HQ and then used to supercharge our urban wicking bed systems made by our sister company Biofilta. Plants from our the urban farm were then harvested and turned into an incredible breakfast spread.

It was so great to have so many friends of Cirrus attending from various industries, backgrounds and areas of expertise. Creating a community of like-minded individuals is always a high priority on our list and only through collaboartion, communication and connection can we continue to stay progressive, whether it is to do with coffee or sustainability.

We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future. A special thanks to the crew at William Angliss Institute who helped cook the food for this event. Sunny Boy Cafe for assisting with the most beautiful catering. The Wild Muesli for donating some of their incredible nut free muesli. Donna Luckman from Renew. Oz Harvest for attending and picking up all the leftovers from the event. and finally the incredible ladies at Reground. Without the amazing work Kaitlin Reid and Ninna Larsen non of this could be possible.

The Closed Loop

A Sustainable Breakfast