Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Villa Sarchi Honey


Product Description


Soft Apple


Lingering white sugar aftertaste


Yellow Honey, 12 days drying time on raised patio

Hacienda Sonora is in the Central Valley of Costa Rica at the base of the Poas Volcano. The farm and mill cover almost 100 hectares. This area is divided into fruit trees, coffee plantation and the mill itself. At Hacienda Sonora, coffee plants are surrounded by exotic trees and other dense vegetation. This biodiversity greatly helps the plants by improving the composition and build up of the naturally rich volcanic soil. Hacienda Sonora’s own micro coffee mill is built in the heart of the hacienda, next to a traditional 150-year- old sugar cane mill that is preserved entirely. All the coffee on the farm is processed using honey and natural methods. 18 33.65% 17 28.85% 16 23.85% 15 8.75 Tray 4.9% An important advantage of honey processing is the reduction of waste water production in comparison to the traditional washed process. This is especially important in Costa Rica where water is a precious resource. Using the honey method saves more than 3 gallons of water per pound of coffee – when processing this lot, Diego and the Hacienda Sonora team would have saved almost 13,000 Gallons of water! A special feature of the farm is that all the energy they generate and consume is 100% renewable and generated on the farm with a hydroelectrically powered generator. This is an innovation of Hacienda Sonora and reflects their drive to preserve and sustain this great land they toil. This energy supplies power to the coffee mill and provides free electricity for all the farmers who live and work at Sonora. Hacienda Sonora also pays above fair trade wages to all of its workers, which contributes to the welfare of the local community.